Custom Samples for Angella Johnson,

Full disclosure: I have never done a custom page like this before.
I had a vision, inspired by this opportunity. Thank you for that. 🙂

With the exception of the first sample, I linked to our client’s native FB posts.
In the interest of transparency, I want you to see how they perform “in the wild.”
If another format is preferable, I’m happy to oblige!

Branded Interview Clips

After IGNITE 2017, I know you’re sitting on footage chock full of #truthbombs and inspiration!

This is a sample from a conference where we created a custom-branded headline and captions of our client’s on-stage interviews.

Live Video to Quote Card/ Video

This quote card can be a still image with size optimized for each platform you want to post to, as well as video with original audio (or not, as in the sample).

There are so many possibilities! What about some yummy quotes from The Money Club in this style?

“Rant Style” Video with Text Graphics

This presenter-driven video has been emphasized with animated text. It can also be combed for quotes and spun into still memes with branding, developed into written articles, and turned into b-roll video clips. Great for clips from your keynotes.

Content Teaser Videos

We find an idea that resonates with your brand, and find related footage. As an added bonus, each clip can produce still image memes!

These can be used to draw more traffic anywhere from your offerings to blog articles. The first one we made performed better than most of their posts – and it was just a random experiment!

Text/ Audio Blended with Footage

We took an article they wrote and incorporated engaging, branded text graphics with entertaining video clips.

We can create these by repurposing written & audio content you already have, such as your blog or your podcast! These text-driven videos play extremely well on Facebook.

Curated Micro-Content

You got this far, so I’ll let you in on our latest development: sharing the love!

We leverage existing footage and package it in a bite-sized way that shares a specific message related to your brand. We attribute and tag the original content creator. So they get credit, and it lets you leverage the popularity of other influencers. Win-win!

Let's together.

I appreciate your time and consideration. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 🙂