20 Years of Animation Legacy: Part I

This year marks the anniversary of 3 major animation franchises that have achieved the dream of carrying their story across multiple generations of viewers. Each holds a unique standing in influencing future animators and subsequent films and series.

USA, Toy Story (1995)

Nearly every American has at least heard of Pixar’s game-changing first filmToy Story, even if they (for whatever unacceptable reason) haven’t actually seen the film at any point in their life. Whether you were in the theaters on its release date, watched it on VHS, or just saw it for the first time, its story remains relevant to audiences of all ages.


It stands as the first film to be created entirely by CGI, paving the way for all future fully CGI-made animated films such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Shrek. Since CGI was in it’s infancy, it was the limitations of the tools that helped shape both story and design. Human characters and animals with a fuzzy appearance were still too difficult to render with any accuracy. Plastic was much easier to render with a believable appearance, so the decision was made to focus on toys as the main characters.


Since their first short film “Tin Toy” in 1988, the following Toy Story films have come to influence the animation industry on a global scale; not only with their technological breakthroughs, but with their specific approach to storytelling.

Stay tuned for more on the history of animation in film!

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