Methods, for outlining, video blogs, produces better results.

Outlining Your Video Blog for Better Results

Forming a video blog is a great way to produce consistent content, but finding the key message of the blog can be difficult. We’ve created simple methods to outline your thoughts so that your blog is more effective and converts more customers. Before you do anything, ask questions. What is the …

Our 4 step process, to produce, engaging, testimonial videos.

Our 4 Step Process For Producing Engaging Video Testimonials

  Testimonial videos are one of the best types of videos to create when trying to establish trust and credibility. To ensure the most effective of message, we’ve created a 4 step process to produce the most engaging testimonial videos. Define a specific objective. What is your testimonial going to …


Delivering a Great On-Camera Performance

Do you ever feel nervous, stressed out, or SUPER SERIOUS when you’re on video? Here’s five helpful tips for delivering a great on-camera performance and connecting better with your audience, including:

1. Smile!
2. Speak with Passion
3. Stay Grounded
4. Visualize Your Success
5. Shake it Out!