Creating Smarter Content with Data-Driven Insights | Brandon Andersen on The Content Engine

Does your approach to marketing involve throwing content at a wall and seeing what sticks? You might be creating great content, but if you’re not using data to inform your strategy, you’re likely missing the mark when it comes to ROI.

Enter Brandon Andersen, chief strategist and co-founder of Ceralytics, a content intelligence platform that brings data-driven insights to your content creation and brand positioning. Brandon believes the right data can empower businesses to better understand and connect with their audiences in a way that leads to meaningful business results.

On this episode, Alex and Brandon discuss how to think about and leverage content intelligence to bring a data-first mindset to content creation, how to create a content-first culture at your company, the right way to do influencer marketing, and some of the major trends in content marketing he predicts for the next 24 months.


Alex introduces Brandon and the episode’s topics. [00:00]

Brandon talks about what he does and why he founded Ceralytics. [01:38]

Brandon discusses the biggest mistakes companies make with content marketing. [03:45]

Brandon defines content intelligence and why it matters. [06:55]

Brandon on how to approach competitor analysis. [09:07]

Brandon speaks about adapting your content marketing strategy to market changes. [11:42]

Brandon discusses some of the successful tactics Ceralytics has used in the past. [14:39]

Brandon talks about developing a unified purpose behind your content marketing. [19:57]

Brandon on creating content that resonates. [23:09]

Brandon remarks on major trends in content marketing and data analysis over the next two years. [26:00]

Alex thanks Brandon and concludes the show. [31:30]


1. “The biggest mistake, and it’s the most common thing that we all do, is we guess.” [03:45]

2. “Strategies are something that you should absolutely have, but they should also be flexible. Things are going to change, and with content intelligence, you’re going to see those changes through data before you might even see them through your own observation.” [07:40]

3. “Even though you don’t have a close relationship with some of these people, if you can show them that you’re doing something that’s really cool, that’s going to add value, they might say yes. So get the courage to go ask.” [18:00]

4. “Developing a data driven culture is the biggest thing and the first thing that you need with a data driven culture is a strategy and that strategy has to link back to business results.” [20:27]

5. “There’s going to be a huge, huge demand for actual creativity from people to make things stand out.” [28:16]


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