Creating a Strong SEO Foundation for Your Content Strategy | Fernando Paz on The Content Engine

In this episode, Alex sits down with Fernando Paz, CEO of Page One Guru, an Austin-TX based SEO firm. They discuss how to craft messages that satisfy both your audiences (human AND robot), the connection between SEO and content marketing, modern SEO best practices, and how the rising intelligence of search engines will affect how people discover your business.


Alex introduces Fernando and the episode’s talking points. [00:17]

Fernando talks about himself and his work. [01:21]

Fernando on the relationship between content marketing and SEO. [02:33]

Fernando defines SEO. [06:16]

Fernando discusses SEO for human audiences vs. robot audiences. [07:22]

Fernando talks about how to differentiate yourself while still ranking high on SEO. [11:46]

Fernando explains how to best use long-tail keywords to answer specific customer questions. [16:11]

Fernando discusses strategies for optimizing web presence beyond your website. [19:01]

Fernando on how to write for changing Google Search algorithms. [26:17]

Fernando talks about major trends in SEO. [27:51]

Alex thanks Fernando and concludes the show. [31:22]


1. “SEO is the act of constructing your digital storefront. The SEO content is integral to positioning your storefront on page one.” [05:27]

2. “SEO is the art and science of writing content that talks about your products or services so that it is optimally found by the search engines, so that you get placed on page one organically.” [06:36]

3. “SEO is about telling your story in a very straightforward way and in a very accurate way and in a very unique way to the search engines so they know exactly what you’re about.” [11:02]

4. “Now we have a digital way of connecting and we can connect to each other’s websites, so I think that that is a very legitimate way to go about [a business relationship].” [23:02]

5. “As Google becomes more intelligent about understanding context, it is vitally important that not only your metadata, but your actual online content, all lines up.” [26:33]

6. “At the end of the day, it’s about providing super valuable content in a consumable fashion to your customers.” [29:55]


Spyfu – [21:24]

Page One Guru – [31:29]