Expanding Your Video Strategy Beyond YouTube | Joel Goobich on The Content Engine

Joel Goobich is your go-to guy for all things video marketing. A serial entrepreneur with a passion for strategic planning and business growth, Joel founded Big Picture Videos to help SMB and enterprise-level clients leverage video throughout their entire business process, from sales to marketing, customer retention, and everything in between.

In this episode, Alex and Joel discuss common challenges that businesses face in their approach to video, how to move your video strategy beyond YouTube, how to get your team to really speak the language of video, and the important video marketing trends we’ll see over the next few years.


Alex opens the show and introduces the episode’s topics. [00:00]

Alex welcomes Joel and asks how he got started in content marketing. [01:02]

Joel gets into the context of content. [02:55]

Joel talks about the challenges involved in content strategy. [04:25]

Joel on how to measure the success of your video content. [05:50]

Joel explains how YouTube fits into your video marketing strategy and what you can use beyond YouTube. [08:20]

Joel discusses how different video platforms factor into search results for your videos. [11:06]

Joel talks about how to make use of advanced video analytics. [12:18]

Joel uses Wistia as an example of how to uplevel your approach to video marketing. [17:03]

Joel and Alex discuss the benefits internally directed video content can have for your business. [19:28]

Joel comments on the next generation of video content. [28:24]

Joel on formulating an overall video strategy that gets results. [33:40]

Alex thanks Joel and concludes the show. [36:49]


1. “What is the purpose of a video? It’s to convey a message using imagery, using the visual. And so if you’re not controlling how that image is seen to begin with, then it already reflects on you, either poorly or in a positive manner.” [09:17]

2. “One of the worst things that you can do is spend a lot of money making a 60 second video that people only watch the first 33 seconds of. That means you spent a lot of money for 27 seconds that really didn’t need to be made.” [14:19]

3. “Sometimes the most authentic and the most resonating content is the one that is not polished.” [24:40]

4. “Video is a business language, just like how knowing how to write is a necessity.” [26:38]


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