Brand Storytelling with Immersive Tech (VR, AR, & 360 Video) | Ricky Holm on The Content Engine

As a successful filmmaker and video producer, Ricky Holm is no stranger to the world of video technology. With his latest venture, Chocolate Milk & Donuts, Ricky helps brands create unforgettable experiences for their audiences through immersive technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 video.

On this episode of The Content Engine, Alex and Ricky discuss where VR, AR, and 360 Video are headed, the opportunities and challenges we face in adopting these immersive technologies, and how brands can leverage them to storytell in new and exciting ways.


Alex introduces Ricky to the show [00:00]

Ricky talks about the difference in VR “buzzwords” [00:46]

Ricky explains how to leverage VR for your business. [02:59]

Ricky goes into the current state of VR and creating value with it. [06:04]

Alex and Ricky discuss blending the physical world and the digital world. [09:16]

Ricky on sharing experiences through VR and making VR “field trips” in Pakistan. [11:23]

Alex and Ricky talk about some of the potential dangers of VR. [14:50]

Ricky talks about how to make good content using VR. [17:45]

Ricky explains how brands can use VR to tell their story. [21:10]

Alex and Ricky discuss how VR might change us as a society. [25:06]

Ricky gives more information on where to learn more about his business and Alex concludes the episode. [28:19]


1. “When you build this content you need to build it with a purpose.” [3:54]

2. “It’s a new form of media, so to sum that up I think the most important thing to do is to educate yourself. Read, put on a VR headset. Go look at good content. Go look at bad content. Play with this stuff, and see what you like, and see what you don’t like.” [5:32]

3. “You need to create real value with this technology. Get away from the gimmicks. Use this technology to actually fix business problems, to solve marketing issues, to reach new audiences, to share new stories.” [8:40]

4. “Using 360 video or VR gives the user a sense of presence, and when we have a sense of presence we start to feel empathy, and we start to understand what it’s like to actually be there.” [13:01]

5. “We’re just getting started with this. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So, as people learn the tools, and learn the techniques, and the mass populace becomes more aware of this technology it’s going to absolutely revolutionize a lot of different industries in ways that we can’t even understand yet.” [14:30]

6. “It’s our responsibility as content creators to make stuff that is for good, that’s powerful, that’s uplifting, that’s thought-provoking.” [16:38]

7. “It is a new technology, and there are rules that still need to be forged, and there are rules that still need to be broken.” [18:38]

8. “VR, AR, and 360 are just another tool in your toolkit, and it’s important to use these as part of a larger, integrated marketing campaign.” [21:31]

9. “We’re seeing a shift in the way that society chooses to spend their money. We’re going into more of what we call the ‘experiential age,’ where folks are wanting to get outside, and do more, have more experiences versus have more things.” [26:53]


Apple AR Kit – [7:10]

New York Fashion Week VR – [22:06]

Google Cardboard – [22:40]

Volvo VR Test Drives – [23:24]