Embracing Authenticity on Stage and on Camera | Sandra Dee Robinson on The Content Engine

Sandra Dee Robinson made a career starring in shows such as “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives,” but she wasn’t always so smooth on camera. In fact, when directors said “Just be yourself,” Sandra Dee would become paralyzed with fear. After years of coaching and industry experience, Sandra Dee realized that embracing your charismatic self is what makes you a powerful presence both onstage and on screen. Now she’s helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, and celebrities conquer their stagefright and captivate their audiences with her program, Charisma On Camera.

On this episode of The Content Engine, Sandra Dee and Alex discuss pivotal career moments, using natural charisma, and the value of being your authentic self when it comes to reaching audiences and having a lasting impact with your message.


Alex introduces Sandra Dee to the show. [00:30]

Sandra Dee talks about the start of her career. [02:05]

Sandra Dee describes some pivotal moments that led to her success. [04:32]

Sandra Dee on being your authentic self in front of the camera. [07:54]

Sandra Dee outlines the process behind her Charisma on Camera program. [10:17]

Sandra Dee on natural charisma and working with different personalities. [15:10]

Alex and Sandra Dee talk about on-camera presentation tactics. [18:51]

Sandra Dee discusses building your personal brand. [22:37]

Sandra Dee on the pitfalls of overcaffeination. [24:16]

Alex and Sandra Dee discuss scripted vs. unscripted speech. [27:20]

Sandra Dee explains how to structure your sales pitch. [30:22]

Sandra Dee on the value of your unique brand voice. [35:07]

Sandra Dee mentions where to learn more about her work. [36:32]

Alex thanks Sandra Dee and concludes the show. [37:02]


1. “Think about what you need to deliver, who you need to deliver it to, and why it’s so urgent.” [08:44]

2. “Levity is necessary, even in a serious topic.” [14:08]

3. “If you want to attract a high-end client, they’re not going to notice if you have a quality video. They’re going to notice if you don’t. It has to be congruent with their life.” [19:35]

4. “I’m a big fan of starting with what you already have and staying in your comfort zone, at least initially, what feels the best to you. ‘Cause when you feel good, you’re going to be able to do better.” [23:44]

5. “[Customers] want three things when they come to your video, especially if they’re searching for help. They want to know that you get them, that you understand them, that you have the knowledge and the experience to help them, and…they want to know they can trust you.” [31:50]


Charisma On Camera – http://charismaoncamera.com [01:00]