Starting a Podcast for Passion (and Profit) | Todd Nevins on The Content Engine

Have you ever wanted to host a podcast to spread a message or grow your business, but aren’t sure how to get started? You could learn a thing or two from Todd Nevins, media strategist, digital marketer, and host of the Go Hunt Life podcast.

In just three months, Todd went from knowing nothing about hosting podcasts to running a wildly successful show of his own. His Go Hunt Life podcast tells the inspiring stories of people who were tired of mediocrity, who decided to “pull the ripcord” and reinvent themselves on their terms.

In this episode, Alex and Todd discuss challenges in the early stages of the podcast, his breakthrough moment, the strategies he’s used to grow a loyal following, the impact the podcast has had on Todd both personally and professionally, and some of his guests’ inspiring stories of transformation.


Alex prefaces the show with Todd’s background and the day’s topics. [00:00]

Todd discusses his work and the launch of his podcast. [01:50]

Todd on how he learned to narrow his target audience. [05:27]

Todd talks about the challenges he faced launching his podcast with no prior experience. [07:24]

Todd explains the tactics he uses to make his podcast successful. [10:04]

Todd on how he draws inspiring stories from his guests. [14:00]

Todd talks about his favorite podcast episode. [15:39]

Todd discusses the common themes that led to his guests changing their lives. [18:27]

Todd on how he used his podcast to grow other areas of his business. [20:29]

Todd gives advice on starting your own podcast. [21:46]

Todd talks about evaluating his podcast’s reach and success. [25:10]

Todd’s final words on starting a podcast and reinventing yourself. [28:07]

Alex thanks Todd and concludes the show. [29:04]


1. “If you think your podcast is going to be for everybody, it’s for nobody.” [08:57]

2. “She wrote two obituaries: the one that she was living towards, and the other one that she wanted to live.” [16:09]

3. “You don’t have to be chained to an office in Chicago, Illinois anymore. You can work from anywhere, and even if you have a real job, you can reinvent and be a travel blogger, even if you were an accountant.” [19:04]

4. “It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 60, or 70. You can always, always reinvent, and I’ve got 70 episodes to prove it.” [28:47]


Roz Savage – [15:43]