10 Lessons from a Golden Arm Intern

I joined the GAMily as a content creation intern focused on social media and the Golden Arm blog. Now that the semester is drawing to a close, it seemed appropriate to reflect on the experience and what I’ve learned during my time here.

Since everyone loves a good list-style blog these days (or do I just like writing them?), here are the 10 essential lessons I’ll takeaway from my internship at Golden Arm.

1. Stay in the know

I immediately began following news accounts that related to Golden Arm’s business and areas of expertise in order to stay up to date even when I wasn’t at work. These articles blended pretty seamlessly into my personal social news feeds, and were helpful reference points for creating social content.

Entrepreneur, Inc., and ReelSEO are great places to start!

2. Read expert opinionsjab jab jab right hook, gary vaynerchuk, social media, social media marketing

Reading and blogging about Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media guide “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” was probably one of the most beneficial experiences of my internship. Of course, expert opinions come in non-book forms, and that’s where those news accounts I mentioned can come in handy.

Just always remember to take everything with a grain of salt, and think critically when reading opinion pieces. Being published doesn’t equate to being correct. Take what you read, learn from it and draw your own conclusions.

3. Just keep writing

It might seem obvious, but writing content is a skill like any other — it requires practice in order to improve. The best thing you can do is stick with it. Do your best every time, and every time your best will become better and better.

4. Optimize everything for search

It’s Google’s world and we’re all just living in it. Consequently, ignoring the value of search and SEO is simply not an option.

After learning and understanding the basics of SEO, my next step was figuring out the words and phrases people would most often associate with GAM, and which key words we wanted to proactively connect with the brand. Then, I tried to include those words and phrases in as much content as possible: blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and even photo descriptions.

5. Plan ahead for social media…to an extent

There are certain kinds of social content that can be scheduled in advance — do it! Plan out posts for some days of the week, but don’t get too caught up in the practice because great social capitalizes on being in the moment.

The best posts are often slightly more spontaneous, or at least based on events of that day. These can often still be penciled in (by looking at GAM’s agenda for the week), but sometimes you’ve just got to roll with it in real time.

6. Embrace a little consistencymonday motivation, motivation monday, film, storytelling, narrative strategy

This goes along with the previous lesson. It’s okay to develop some patterns on social media, as long as they aren’t used as a crutch, and they prove to consistently garner engagement.

One example that GAM tends to stick with is #MondayMotivation. It may seem somewhat trivial, but it’s a top-trending hashtag every week and has a track record of generating comments and likes!

7. Respond quickly

Social media (and blog comment sections) never sleep, so it’s best to get into the habit of responding to comments and mentions almost immediately in order to keep the business’ online presence reliable and accessible. Being prompt is sure to make a good impression.

8. Be present

With modern communication technology, it’s all too easy to work from home. This is fine every once in a while, but time spent in the office really is the most valuable. It’s so much easier to stay plugged into the business when you’re right in the thick of it — listening, discussing and experiencing the action.

9. Ask questions

This one was a bit tough for me because I’m naturally pretty shy, but there is only so much you can learn by soaking everything in. There are times when it’s vital to actively engage in the learning experience by asking questions.

There was never a time when I felt worse off after asking a question: it’s always helpful. So when confused, unclear, or simply curious — just ask!

10. It won’t be perfect

Making mistakes is part of life, so it’s best to accept it right off the bat. I definitely slipped up a few times during the semester, but those proved to be the most memorable learning experiences. The GAMily is a group of good people, it’s as simple as that. Mistakes aren’t lingered on and they don’t define you here. Learn from them and move on!


Golden Arm has given me an opportunity to strengthen a number of my communication skills in a comfortable and encouraging environment. Professional experience is a valuable commodity for a college student, so I really couldn’t be more grateful. And did I mention the office dog? Perks!!

But don’t just take it from me; I’m not the only one with a Golden Arm success story…

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