5 Affordable Virtual Reality Adventures – with Google Cardboard!

Have you ever been itching to try virtual reality but intimidated by the high price of VR devices? Believe it or not, with your smartphone, a couple of plastic lenses, and some well-cut cardboard come together to form a virtual reality headset. Cardboard is Google’s do-it-yourself device that is designed to provide an immersive experience to everyone. By assembling cardboards and lenses together, and then strapping smartphones into a cardboard shell, you can have your very won VR headset to get-away from reality. Here are our favorite picks of virtual reality apps, which compatible with your cardboard.

Iyou happen to be fond of horror movies,Sister s will surely freak you out. Viewers watch the terror unfold around them with immersive 360 degrees visuals and audio. Be careful where you look, because something doesn’t want you here…

For thrill-seekers, there’s a new alternative to Six Flags. Rollercoaster is a fantastic simulator that brings you a terrifying ride as it twists, turns upside down, and hurtles past city buildings and skyscraper.  

Cardboard Camera
The dummy proof app helps you to capture a moment via a panoramic circle around you and then turns it into a 3D experience viewable with Cardboard. You can also add short narration or background noise for atmosphere. No matter if it’s a family get-together or a vacation getaway, VR brings you back into the memory.

For years, New York Times has brought the world to their readers. Now, with the assistance of VR, New York Times bring the reader into the surroundings of real stories. For example, you can experience the Paris 2015 terrorist attacks or follow three refugee children in a documentary about the worldwide crisis. The content may not be as entertaining as others VR apps but you won’t want to miss the powerful storytelling.

Titans of Space
VR is an amazing tool for education. Astronomy is always a difficult subject to learn about. With Titans of Space, you can put aside your planetarium model and go for a real star cruise between planets and moons. An actual tour, not only can you learn about the configuration of the solar system, but also the comparative sizes of each planet and/or moon. Optional narrations also avail to purchase for further studying.  


What’s your favorite VR app? Share with us.

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