15 Video Production Ideas for Your Business

Professional, engaging video is the single most effective method achieving your business marketing goals, whether it’s by increasing SEO to drive more traffic to your website, motivating customers to visit your physical location, or simply to inspire more passion and loyalty towards your product or service. Here are 15 high-impact business web video ideas that your company or organization can starting using today:

1. Business Overview or “Welcome Video”

People want to know you before they do business and a video “brochure” relating important information about your company, products, and people is a highly effective way to accomplish this. These can also be refined to target market a more specific customer base.

2. Office/Studio/Facilities Tour

A video to highlight your people, equipment, product or whatever you want to present. A must for businesses that people frequent like a professional’s office, gym, or recreational activities. For other businesses where people buy online and will never see your offices, it’s a great opportunity to show off your facilities to the world.

3. Client/Customer Testimonials

When done well, testimonials can be the single most effective method of increasing sales. Few things are more convincing than watching a satisfied, enthusiastic customer tell how your product or services helped them greatly. Makes for great soundbites in your other business videos, too!

4. Commercials

Although airing a commercial on TV is often prohibitively expensive, they are quite cost effective when shown in many other places online – YouTube, your website, social media, cinemas, your lobby, at special events, etc. You can better target market your specific audience on the web.  


5. Focused Content Marketing

Videos designed to portray how your product or service is solving your client/customers problems. In these videos your “brand” is secondary, and the sales pitch is nearly non-existent. They are more educational, meant to help your customer see how they win by using your offering.

6. How-To-Videos

A How-To, a Step-by-Step, or Video Manual helps replace standard in-person training and save you money. Publishing these videos on the web lets people find them on their mobile devices and increases your company’s SEO and reach.

7. Educational or Corporate Training

This has always been one of the least expensive yet most effective way to train your students, employees, vendors or outside contractors in a consistent, uniform way for everyone. Plus, they can be utilized both in person and online.

8. Embedded Email Video

For email marketing and promotion, the open rate is more than double with a short video vs. only words and/or photos. The production costs are lower on these since they are often short and serve as “hooks” back to your website. Fast paced with high energy music, close ups and animated graphics are the way to go.

9. Company Charitable Work & Community Relations

Does your company do good deeds in the community? Capturing those moments where you are giving back to people can lead to a heartwarming and very effective videos, if done tastefully and with respect. Let the world see how much you care.

10. Company Profile

Everyone likes to be let in on a secret and allowing the viewer to see you and your company, your people at work may be the perfect choice to humanize your brand. It must be real, but if it tells your story like a mini documentary, then the positive association will benefit all. And… you often get big returns internally by highlighting your key people on video.

11. Crowdsourcing Video

Crowdsourcing a new product via sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo is great for scrappy startups and established businesses alike. Promoting your product out in the open and letting early adopters invest in the future of it is a great way to achieve early buzz and get valuable feedback on your product before mass production.

12.  Microsite Video Promo

A micro site is a separate page or website designed for a specific conversion activity (enter a contest, sign up for a product beta, donate to a cause). Creating an exciting video to accompany your promotional will increase traffic to the microsite and ramp up your conversion rate.

13. Visual (“Explainer”) Stories

A popular way now to explain a more complex product or service to the average consumer in a simplified, refreshing manner. These are normally heavy with motion graphics, illustration, photos and with a voice over explanation that takes  The proper voice (male or female) is a must.

14. Product Demonstrations

These are targeted at the buyer for a bigger ticket item usually that is further along in the buying process. These people want the nuts and bolts and detailed details of your product. This is not for everyone, but the payoff can be worth the effort to separate you from your competition.

15. Whatever You Want Video

We saved the best video for last. For those entrepreneurs that have a vision for a video project that doesn’t fall into any of the other categories, we’re excited to collaborate, be inventive and get it done. No concept is too “off-the-wall” or niche for us to produce.

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