Make your brand more memorable by making it more personable.

3 Powerful, Proven Ways to Humanize Your Brand

Trust is a critical component of developing your brand and getting people to give your products or services serious consideration. However, “people don’t really trust brands,” says Jayson DeMers in Forbes. “Any message that comes from a corporate brand is instantly given extra scrutiny.”

There is a relatively simple way to win the trust of prospective clients, though: breathe life into your brand by humanizing it. Three methods that have proven successful in this effort to meet your audience on its own terms are:

  • Personification
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency.


One simple way to make your brand more human is to give it a name, sex, and identity. An early Internet example was Ask Jeeves, the predecessor to The site featured an English butler who was at your service to answer your questions. Similarly, Meet Edgar uses an octopus mascot, and in turn is able to refer to its lifeless, inanimate software with the male third-person pronoun he.


Wistia takes another approach: goofy videos that reveal the people and values of the company in a captivating way. In the case of “Charlie: The Office Pup,” for instance, it means showing that they love dogs as much as you do.


Another way to approach humanizing your brand is by giving people a peek into your challenges and the internal workings of your company, finding ways you can be completely open to your audience. Dove is succeeding with this approach. “Beauty advertising, like marketing for many other industries, has long focused on making people insecure,” notes Daniel Burstein of MarketingSherpa. “Dove took the opposite approach, pulled back the veil of advertising hype, and showed women what they really look like.”


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