3 reasons, we're really excited, for the future, of augmented reality.

3 Reasons We’re Really Excited For The Future Of Augmented Reality

Beyond the intertwined realm of fiction and the real world, augmented reality serves a greater purpose than just catching Pokémon.

As a video production company, we here at Golden Arm Media are excited about the many benefits that augmented reality brings to business, education and entertainment.

  1. Retail and e-commerce business.   AR is a great way to increase a consumer’s shopping experience in the trade industry. In 2012, the software company Prestashop successfully incorporated an AR app called Webcam Social Shopper into their platform. The app uses AR to turn a PC or smartphone camera into a digital mirror that allows consumers to try on clothes from an online store.
  1. Education. AR is a great way for companies to provide their employees with proper training. Boeing used AR enhanced tablets to train their engineers. The results of the test group showed that the engineers who used the AR tablets worked 90% more accurately and 30% faster than the ones not in the test group.
  1. Entertainment. This may be the most obvious benefit of AR. The release of the popular app “Pokémon Go!” has put AR in the spotlight like never before. It’s no secret that AR brings the gaming experience to a whole new level. It’s estimated that almost 500 million AR apps will be downloaded annually by 2019.

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