4 Good Ways to Make a Little More Money from Your Holiday Emails

Let’s look at why the email newsletter is important and how to produce more powerful holiday messages – including with the addition of storytelling video.

There are three main continuing truths that make this form of address still deserve significant attention:

  • You can send recipients wherever you want, such as to a product page or blog article, with a CTA (call-to-action) leading into your site.
  • Like social media, it’s another opportunity to form a lasting connection with your customers.
  • You can improve your trust with the customer, explained Ann Robb of The Marketing Mentor. “If they know you’re going to provide them with engaging content and valuable information they will hold you in higher regard and you won’t automatically be moved to ‘Trash,’” she said. “In this sense you become a trusted source and your information gets read more – improving click-through rates and traffic to your site.”

The holidays are a great time to better engage with your audience. Here are four ways to get more revenue out of your holiday emails:

  1. Thank you – Treat your e-mail list more like a VIP program, said Simms Jenkins in ClickZ. Use it to thank your top customers. Share a note from the CEO. Survey them to improve.
  2. Pop-up box – Get more subscribers from your site. You could give someone a pop-up box for email capture if it is their first visit. Some experts recommend just going for the email address – one field – for better results.
  3. Transactional copy – Make sure the content of your confirmation and welcome emails is up-to-date and properly showcases your brand.
  4. Video – MarketingSherpa reported that Ragan Communications improved its click-through rate by 100% following implementation of video. The CTR on video emails trounced that of emails that contained just text, along with ones that had text and design features.

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