5 Brilliant Snapchat Campaigns You Cannot Miss

As we explained the nature and potential power of Snapchat, knowing exactly how to leverage the timely communication for video marketing can be very challenging of brands. If you are struggling to find success with Snapchat, take note of these brands that have already figured it out.

Disappearing nature of content | WWF – The Last Selfie

Inspired by the disappearing nature of content on Snapchat, the World Wildlife Fund  launched the #LastSelfie campaign. WWF took pictures of endangered pandas and polar bears in a Snapchat scenario with the hashtag. These #LastSelfie snaps are meant to symbolize the diminishing population of different species. The results were amazing– they  reached their donation target for the entire year within three months!  


Exclusivity | NARS


Premium and luxury brands entice their customers by creating a sense of exclusivity and superiority. NARS employed this strategy to promote its product and create buzz. One day before the new product launch, NARS announced on Twitter and Instagram that only individuals who followed their brand  on Snapchat had the access to preview the new products at a particular time. The exclusivity and opportunity to get a sneak peek for a limited time made Snapchat the perfect forum for this announcement.


Timely Promotion | Taco Bell


To promote its new flavor taco, Taco Bell used the “Stories” feature of Snapchat to publish a series of witty virtual Valentines that followers could amend to send to their own sweetheart. Taco Bell fully mastered the nature that the Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours, so when recipients get the virtual card they need to exchange before it expires. The well-timed snaps not only lead hungry customers directly to the restaurant but also create a lot of buzzes.


Behind the scenes | Major League Soccer – Player Takeover

Given that fact the fans only get to see players on the field and not in their everyday lives, to bridge the gap, Major League Soccer ran a week of Snapchat takeovers featuring the daily life of their soccer players. The players took hilarious videos and photos of themselves and their teammates to cultivate the fan-player relationships. This campaign is successful because the behind the scene of the real life of players brings an intimate connection to fans


Think Outside The Box | Audi

The Super Bowl is a huge event  for brands to market themselves. While most automakers took the traditional route to advertise themselves on TV, Audi utilized Snapchat to send followers humorous pictures relevant to the game in real time. The snaps provided a second-screen experience by riffing off what was happening on TV while the fans shared their excitement and spread the word about it by posting on Twitter. The whole campaign reached over 100K Snap views and 37 million impressions.

What’s you favorite Snapchat campaign? Share with us.


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