5 DIY Videos to Promote Your Business

When you’re looking to produce a video for your business, you may have the preconception that you need to source a video production crew, have this whole big production, and spend tons of money. And while there are some videos that deserve the premium cinematic treatment, there are so many videos you can be making with just your smartphone that will help you convert more customers and grow your brand. Here are five easily produced videos using only your smartphone:

  1. Video Blogs

Video blogs, or vlogs, are when you’re in front of the camera delivering value to your audience. The most common type of video blogs are FAQs. FAQs, short for Frequently Asked Questions, are all of the most common questions that your customers or your prospects maybe be asking you. Look for these questions anywhere your brand interacts with customers, whether it’s in-person, over the phone, on social media, or through email.

The best place to start is to create an epic list. Once you have those FAQs listed, you can take out your smartphone and simply knock them out one by one. If you’re an expert in your industry, you should already know a lot of the answers to these questions.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are the best social proof you can get to inspire trust and loyalty in your audience. There are generally two ways to go about it: in-house or sourced. In-house means clients either come to you or you go to them. This allows you to capture those videos, those moments, in person. The best time to film is right after you’ve given amazing value to your customer or client, whether that’s through delivering an incredible product or achieving some great results.

You just need to ask their permission first with something like, “Do you mind if I pull out my phone and capture a quick testimonial from you? I’d love to share it with others who might be interested in the success you’ve achieved.” Then you just pull out your smartphone and record while you ask them a couple questions – easy as that.

The second type of testimonial you can capture is called a sourced testimonial. If you are an online business, sell physical products, or sell memberships, then sourced testimonials are the best way to go. That’s because it doesn’t make logistical sense to travel to New York, L.A., or Omaha, Nebraska to film at your customers’ homes.

Instead, send out a template email when a customer hits a milestone and provide a short list of things for them to talk about. For example, you might ask “What was your problem? What was the solution that we provided? How did it work?” and so on. Give them some basic instructions with your questions and they should be able to use their webcam or smartphone to send back those testimonials in no time.

  1. Thank You Videos

Don’t you feel good when you receive a handwritten thank you letter from somebody? Hardly anyone does it anymore. Instead, most people rely on impersonal emails that aren’t genuine.

Like traditional letters, however, thank you videos are powerful. In fact, thank you videos are one of the key things Gary Vaynerchuk describes in his book “The Thank You Economy.” They are incredibly easy to make and can have a large payoff. Simply take two minutes of your time to make your customers feel special by saying “Thank you so much, we’re really happy that you bought this product,” or “We’re so happy that our service is providing you with great results.” As long as you’re genuine, your customers will develop a sense of gratitude and appreciation that will translate into great word-of-mouth buzz around your brand.

  1. Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are very simple and can be very valuable to your audience. The most popular platform for this type of video is Facebook Live. Simply take out your phone, go live, and spend 15, 30, 60 (or however many) minutes answering questions. Understandably, many people are nervous the first time doing this. Q&A videos involve putting yourself out there and being a little vulnerable, but the more of them you make, the less nervous you will become.

Then there’s always the dreaded question in the back of everyone’s mind: “What if nobody shows up?” If you’re concerned about that, just get some family, friends, coworkers, or other people you know to attend your first few Q&A sessions and seed some questions. As it snowballs, you’ll start to get other people in your audience to engage with you.

An important thing to remember with Q&A videos is that you don’t have to focus solely on your product or service, you can also talk about your mission, personal stories, or how you’ve grown your business. People will want to engage with you on that more authentic level. A good way to promote your Q&A is by sharing and posting about it a few days in advance. Whether it’s on your social channels or an email list, generating some buzz ahead of your Q&A session is critical.

  1. Behind the Scenes

Filming what you do BTS, or behind the scenes, is a great way to generate engaging content. A lot of businesses feel they should market only their product or service and nothing more, but recording behind the scenes footage really helps to storytell your brand. By filming some BTS action, you capture your team culture, your process, and the real people that make your business function. Pull out your smartphone anytime your team goes on a company retreat or even if your coworkers are just having a fun night together.

It’s okay to be personal. The best businesses are those that act more like people because that’s what your customers will relate to. They’re already on their social networks delving into the lives of their friends and family, so BTS videos provide the perfect opportunity to integrate your brand personality into that same feed and storytell natively on that platform.


These are just five examples of videos you can be creating to save time and money and still get results. While premium video is excellent for certain aspects of your company, if you’re just getting started or want to storytell over time, use your smartphone. Now, put your message in motion.



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  1. That is a well laid out simplified blog on how to do effective videos for your business, scheduling some of these ideas and writing my questions people ask me list and expanding on my FAQ page.

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