5 Parts of Your Perspective to Improve in the Era of Social Story

The sheer scope of social media is staggering. Just look at these stats from Giselle Abramovich of CMO.com:

  • There were 1.7 billion social media users in August 2015.
  • Also as of 2015, 1.4 billion users were on Facebook, with 363 million on Google+, 347 million on LinkedIn, 300 million on Instagram, 284 million on Twitter, and 70 million on Pinterest.
  • The expected total spend on social ads in 2015 was $8.3 billion.

Since those numbers were released, social has just continued to grow.

How can you win in the age of social storytelling, through explainer videos and other content? Here are four areas of your business’s perspective to refine as you move forward, from Barry Stamos in VentureBeat:

1. Discovery

Obviously you want to look for content that’s trending. However, you also want to look at feedback in real time to determine what’s rising. The better you can process data, using tools that harness machine learning, the stronger you become.

2. Personalization

Personalize content to your users as much as you can. No one wants irrelevant information that doesn’t relate to them. You can personalize by targeting directly with any sponsored stories or other advertising.

3. Collaboration

Consumers wants to be involved. You can combine highly produced content with user-generated content that has more raw charm. Radical inclusion is a reality,” said Stamos. “Satisfy our craving for connection and authenticity.”

4. Integration

A lot of how you can win is by consolidating the storytelling mechanism through SpredFast and similar software. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others give API access, so use it to enhance the integration of your process.


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