5 Reasons Video Isn’t Working for Your Business

Let me start by asking a question: if you upload a video to the Internet and nobody actually watches it, was it ever really published at all? While a lot of businesses are investing in video marketing as a way to convert more customers and storytell their brand, the truth is that many of them are falling into traps that are easily avoidable. These simple mistakes prevent your business from achieving the ROI you know you can get from video. Here are the five things to avoid if you truly want to get results from video marketing:

  1. Unaligned Target

The most basic error you can make is not aligning your videos with your target audience. This is the foundation of your messaging; you need to understand who you are trying to reach before you can effectively reach them. As you think through various perspectives, consider these questions to help you align your video content with your target:

Who is it you’re trying to serve?

Who are you trying to storytell to?

Who are you trying to convince?

Who are you trying to give value to?

If you and your team do not completely understand your audience, then the messages you’re sharing are not going to resonate.

  1. All Sales, No Value

Another common mistake is when businesses focus almost entirely on sales instead of offering value. Now, there are certain types of videos, namely conversion-focused videos, that are all about the sale. In such videos, the content is focused on your product or service in an effort to get consumers to click, buy, schedule a phone call, or do whatever that next action step is. However, you want to make sure you have other video content out there that provides value beyond a sale.

A mistake I often see businesses make is that they’ll create videos disguised as educational content that really just boast about their success. Consumers don’t want to hear you brag – they want to know what’s in it for them. They want you to deliver some type of value, something that is legitimately helpful and addresses their needs. The more you give, the more you’re going to get.

  1. Not Optimized

The production component of video marketing is important, but if you’re just slapping videos up on your website or on YouTube without optimizing them first, you’re not going to get results. You need to be able to drive people to your videos or have them discover your content through search. That means it’s important to immerse yourself in what the best optimization tips are for YouTube, Facebook, or whichever platform you’re using.

Perhaps you need to start embedding videos on your website or transcribing your videos to have a written component on your blog so that Google increases your search ranking. Whatever it is, there are so many little tricks worth trying that will optimize your online video content.

  1. Mixed Messages

Similar to a misaligned target, you also want to avoid sending mixed messages. The key is to keep it simple: one video, one message. Of course, you can break that down however you want provided you maintain the central message. For instance, you can have bullet points that go over different factors, but every point should lead back to your singular message. This is the biggest problem that people run into; communicating a unified message that ties all of your points together and delivers on the expectations you set at the beginning of your video.

  1. No Call to Action

A call to action isn’t just necessary for conversion videos, it’s crucial to the success of any and all marketing content. Of course, if you’re making a video that’s meant to generate sales, creating a call to action is simpler. It might be “Call us today,” “Schedule an appointment,” “Buy now,” “Take the quiz,” and so on. Whatever the next step is that you’ve mapped out on your buyer’s journey, you have to make sure it’s included at the end of your content.

The same principle applies to non-conversion videos. Your call to action for educational content, for instance, might be as simple as “Learn more” with a link to another resource, but you’re still giving your audience some kind of next step. If you’re publishing content on YouTube you might want to include an end slate that links to related videos. You see that at the end of a lot of YouTube videos because it works so well at keeping viewers engaged with relevant content.

People get excited about the useful content they’re digesting and they want to learn more about your brand. They’re looking for more value, so you can’t leave them hanging or you risk letting your lead go cold. That’s why when you’re delivering any kind of content, you need to tell the consumer where to go next.

Secret Reason 6: Bad Content

If you’ve tried fixing all of the above shortcomings and your videos still aren’t getting results, it may be time to face a hard truth: your content just isn’t good. It’s hard to hear, but if you’re not having success, it could be that you’re not creating worthwhile content.

Maybe you’re not sending the right messages or you’re not performing well on camera or the production quality is low (which isn’t to say you can’t shoot with your smartphone – we totally believe in the power of storytelling through mobile devices). The point is, if you’re not taking the time to really deliver value, to tell stories, to create emotion as well as logic in your messaging, then you’re not going to have success and probably don’t deserve it if you’re not putting in the work to really make your content effective and powerful.


In the end, if you want to achieve success with your video marketing efforts, these are the six core mistakes to avoid. Once you align your message to your target, offer value, optimize your content for each platform, have a unified message, integrate the right calls to action, and make good, resonant content, then you will have success.

It may seem overwhelming. These six areas are a lot to be working on when you’re creating videos, but take it step by step. Tackle your target alignment first. It’s the best place to start because it leads to everything else, and then go one after the other. Start training your team. Start implementing necessary processes and finding ways to automate. In doing so, you’ll end up with much better ROI, I promise. Now, put your message in motion.


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