5 Reasons Why Your Video Isn’t Getting Results

Many small businesses are catching the video bug this year because they know it’s a highly effective way to drive more traffic, build their brand and increase sales. If you’re currently investing in video, either in-house or through an agency here are five reasons why video might not be working for your business currently.

1.You’re not including a call to action.

If you’re creating a video that’s meant to convert, you need to have a clear next-step that the customer is meant to follow. Whether that’s to book an appointment, sign up for something or make a phone call, there needs to be follow-through. You don’t want to waste an awesome video that gets people energized and pumped up just to leave them wondering, “Okay I’m ready, now what do I do?” Always include a call to action.

2. You’re blending sales with educational content.

If you’re creating video blogs or other content that’s meant to give value, then it needs to actually give value. Give the audience something useful, inspiring and educational. Then, once you build that relationship, you can go back and sell them with much higher efficiency.

3. You’re not properly sharing and optimizing the video for the platforms you’re putting it on.

Many people will simply upload the video to YouTube, slap a title on it and then be shocked that they’re not actually driving any real results.  Study each platform and know what works on it to understand the context of how people interact with content there and how to make it discoverable. 

4. You may not be tracking the return on investment (ROI) properly.

It’s very possible if your video is actually creating results and you’re just thinking about it the wrong way. You might just have to take a long-term view about engagement and find ways to ask your customers how they found you.  Take advantage of Facebook analytics, Google analytics and other third-party software tools that can show you how your video is performing. 

5. You don’t have good content.

 You have to look in the mirror and ask, “If I was one of my customers would I actually find this valuable? Would I find it entertaining? Would I find it funny? And would I find it insightful?” There’s usually three main reasons why content isn’t very well-produced: poor information, sub-par production quality and a disengaging speaker.

Video does work, and it is a phenomenal way to grow your business and increase sales. Give value, track the results, include a call to action and it will be a success. 



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