5 steps, for optimizing, videos for Youtube channel.

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Video for YouTube

Reaching a large potential audience is the #1 goal when uploading videos to your YouTube channel. Here are 5 steps to optimize your videos for YouTube to help gain the largest following possible.

  1. Create a good title.  A title that is engaging and grabs the viewers attention is important. People ask specific questions they hope a product, service, or business will answer when searching through YouTube videos. Having an interesting title that relates to your industry or states what your service offers can help pull more viewers in.
  1. Have a good description.  YouTube uses data to select which videos to bring up in the search results. So the more information in the description the better and more likely your video will come up higher in the search results.
  1. Provide a good thumbnail image. The thumbnail image is the first image a person will see when scrolling through videos. YouTube generally lets you pick between 3 images unless your viewer or subscriber count reaches a certain level. When choosing a thumbnail image make sure to pick one that provides a lot of color and one that will provide the most action and engagement with the viewer.
  1. Have good tags. Tags are located at the bottom of the video and allows for viewers to search for specific topics. Providing a tag tells YouTube what your video is about at a very general level and it will help produce better search results with a lengthier description.
  1. Choose the right category. There are up to 15 categories on YouTube and it’s important to choose the one relevant to your video. When someone watches a related video, yours is more likely to come up on the side.

Make sure to use these 5 steps when posting videos to your business YouTube channel.

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