5 Ways Video is a Shrewd Route to Powerful Sales Results

Video improves your ability to sell wherever it appears – offering substantial conversion increases through diverse forms of delivery:

  • Homepage: 20%
  • Full page ad: 22%
  • Landing page: 80%
  • Email: 200-300%
  • Real estate listing: 403%. (Source)

What are a few methods that your business could take to start making money using video?

Video chat – Nearly two in five customers (36%) say they would prefer to video-chat with sales and support reps, according to Pew Research Center. Why? Because, according to a study by renowned UCLA psychologist Albert Mehrabian, 55% of communication is body language.

Vlogging – In its simplest sense, vlogging is video blogging. The form it often takes in e-commerce is showing off different products. One particularly creative marketing take on vlogging is the “Will It Blend?” campaign. These videos are a funny, repetitive way for Blendtec to make their argument that their blenders are powerful.

Explainer videos – Back in 2010, Jason Kincaid promoted one way that he thought was powerful to accelerate online growth: a short “demo video” explaining what the company does. He was describing what are now commonly called explainer videos.

Product videos – This type of video is in a similar vein as vlogging but is a more polished approach, showing off your product visually and discussing its attributes. “When shooting, be sure to get plenty of angles of your product and use decent, professional lighting,” says Adele Halsall of UsabilityGeek.

How-to guides – Provide some type of valuable instructional information related to your product or industry. The extent to which your video has real value will determine how much it gets shared.


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