Top 7 Blogs to Level Up Your Video Marketing Game

According to the forecast from Cisco Visual Networking Index™, videos will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017!

Online video is quickly becoming the main channel for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. No matter if you are an individual who desires to share something cool on Facebook, a local business focused on acquiring new opportunities, or an international corporation aimed at launching new products; learning more about video is a MUST!

It can be overwhelming to gather information online, so here are seven great video marketing blogs to follow.

OneMarketMedia: This Canadian-based video marketing agency specializes in helping all sizes of businesses and organization to introduce their products and services. Their blog primarily focuses on tips and advice for creating great corporate videos—which is a great place to start if you’re thinking of promoting your business via video.

Video Brewery: Small businesses are also interested in leveraging the power of video to reach new customers, however, they may have no idea where to begin. Video Brewery, an online video marketplace, solves this problem in their blog by offering examples, tips on different marketing strategies, and more. It also collects statistics underlining the effectiveness of online video in engaging audiences and building awareness. 

ADVERBLOG: Before you jump into video marketing, check out Adverblog, a great collection of advertisements complete with expert commentary. To create an engaging video that appeals to your customers, you need to study what works and what… doesn’t. Adverblog is an online library where you can find a dozen of example of brands succeed and fail in their video marketing.

YouTube Trend: Where else to learn about video marketing than the trends from the world’s largest video platform and second biggest search engine? YouTube Trend is the destination to find the latest videos, video trends across different countries, and is a resource base for daily insight into what’s happening in web video. It even allows users to explore their own insight! Simply by clicking few buttons to set the demographic and geographic criteria, you could become a video trend analyst!

ReelSEO: Eager to learn more about online video marketing? ReelSEO is the right place for you. ReelSEO offers a plethora of case studies, video marketing trends and video filming tips, which are prepared by industry experts and marketing professionals to help you keep up with the latest news in video marketing industry.

Viral Blog: If you are a social-savvy person, go to Viral Blog. Viral Blog is where the cool kids hang. Why? Because they want to know what’s hip and happening in the social world. It also a perfect place to watch entertaining viral videos.

My Web Presenters: If you are a newbie to video marketing, My Web Presenters can help you get through it. My Web Presenter emphasizes mastering the art of storytelling and all the essential need-to-knows about using video to promote your biz, such as web presenters, how-tos and more.

Do you know other video marketing blogs that can help business to succeed? Post in the comments below.

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