7 Videos to Capture at Your Next Live Event

People spend a lot of time and effort to market their event to boost attendance. After the event, many brands assume the marketing for the event is done, but here’s so much more you can be doing by creating video content. There are seven types of videos that you should consider to maximize the marketing impact of your next live event or business conference.

1.Make a highlights reel, a sizzle reel or a showcase video that will show the essence of what your event is about.

It talks about who you are, what your mission is and what type of value people got from it. This is the single most powerful video your brand can create because it helps to promote all future events, as well as build your authority within your industry.

2. Use attendee testimonials.

For most live events or conferences, the people you’re bringing there are already familiar with who you are and what you do. Just take them aside for five minutes, have a mic and ask them a couple questions. 

3. Create backstage speaker interviews.

Make sure you take advantage  speakers by having them come into a separate room to dive deeper into their main points. It’s a fantastic way to deliver more value.

4. Record full speeches and presentations from your conference. 

If people are searching for the topics your brand is delivering, they’ll see that video and immediately become more interested in attending your next event or conference.

5. Take clips from the speech.

However, you can go through and pick out the nuggets of wisdom and the best sound bites to directly answer the pain point that some of your prospects, or  the people in your industry may be dealing with.

6. Live-stream.

If you have a very low-cost event, you can have a free live-stream on Facebook Live and offer it to consumers for free, but through some type of email capture. At a more high-end event, give a slightly reduced rate for people that just want to watch it via live-stream.

7. Create video ads.

Highlights reels can be used for ads but because that version is slightly longer form it is better suited for marketing. On the flip side, video ads are be shorter, usually 30 to 60 seconds, and provide an effective way to promote next year’s event.

There are seven different types of videos you can create for your next live event or business conference that you can use to spread out your marketing impact over the entire year to promote your next event and build your business.

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