8 Video Marketing Trends That You Need to Know in the New Year (2/3)

Here is the continuation of our 5-minute video trend list. What other trends will become increasingly prominent in 2017?

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#2. Facebook video

Is diving into the Facebook video craze on your to-do list, by any chance? With the launch of Facebook Live (see below), the platform demands further attention. Also, consider these numbers from an industry report spotlighted by Samantha Ferguson in Business2Community:

Facebook video views
2015 ~1 billion
2016 ~8 billion

#3. Videographic immersion

Immersive video will continue to become a greater part of the market, according to Mitchell Reichgut in VentureBeat. Formats that are in this category are 360° video, shoppable clips, and even the videos released by GoPro that introduce you, up-close-and-personally, to surfing.

Real estate and automotive are ahead of the rest in this manner, since 360-degree video has been in wide use by both sectors.

Want to better understand shoppable video? Ask Guy Ritchie and Ted Baker.

Since immersive video is generally on the rise, it’s also worth reconsidering a Google 360 tour.

#4. Live video

Live video isn’t just about Facebook of course (although those above Facebook Live stats are certainly incredible).

Consider the rise of Periscope via Twitter. Now you can connect with your audience in real-time straight through a tweet. Why does this matter? Twitter users happen to be voracious viewers. In a 2015 Twitter-funded study, more than 4 in 5 (82%) told Research Now that they are regular video consumers.

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