8 Video Marketing Trends That You Need to Know in the New Year (3/3)

This third part closes out our 5-minute must-know overview of 2017 video trends.

See tips #2-4 (page 2/3)

#5. Here today, gone tomorrow

Snapchat is expected to bring in $1 billion in advertising in 2017. The rise of this platform is, in part, the popularization of impermanent, burn-after-reading material.

Think refining your skills at special-edition throwaway content isn’t worth your time? Well, 217 million people used Snapchat today. Convinced?

#6. Better focus on YouTube

Research from Think with Google revealed that 50% of YouTube viewers between 18 and 34 would interrupt their current activity to watch a new video from the channel they like the most. Youth are most obviously in tune with online video: three in five teenagers said that a YouTube account had impacted their worldview – believable given that they’re turning away from other media (64% reduction in TV time) in favor of Internet viewing.

#7. Relevance, your honor?

Ad platforms have grown increasingly sophisticated with micro-targeting. “In 2017, users will… expect all of their content to be relevant and targeted,” noted marketer Samantha Ferguson in Business2Community. “If it isn’t, then they simply won’t be interested.”

#8. Email in motion

Would you rather read a boring old email or watch a video? If you’re like most people, you answered the latter, as indicated by Bullock. In fact, SalesForce noted two incredible stats on better results when embedding video in your messages:

  • 300% higher click-through rate
  • 75% lower unsubscribe rate.

What’s not to like about those numbers?


With some key influencers suggesting that video is the #1 trend for 2017, these ideas above are more important than ever before. Do you want help? At Golden Arm Media, we amplify your online marketing and sales through compelling visual content that builds your brand and converts your ideal customers.

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