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9 Best Practices to Market Your Video (Part 2 of 3)

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Best Practice #4 – Focus on the first 10 seconds.

Clearly you have to get people’s attention early in your video. According to a Visible Metrics study, an incredible 20% of viewers will be gone in just 10 seconds; in fact, that figure is from 2010 and has likely risen. Because many users quickly grow impatient with online content, the Digital Marketing Institute recommended immediately setting expectations, asking questions, and incorporating teasers.

Best Practice #5 – Embrace brevity.

If you want to impress with your video marketing, send the all-important message that you respect your viewers’ time by getting to the point. There is no perfect rule for length; however, MacMaster advised that top-of-funnel videos shouldn’t exceed 90 seconds.

Best Practice #6 – Tag for better search visibility.

There are many reasons you might not want to might not want to host your video on your domain. On the other hand, there is an especially powerful argument to upload it first to your site and then follow with uploads to social platforms: search engine optimization. You also want to make it possible to embed the video, which will increase the number of inbound marketing links you get. Finally, be aware of the importance of video sitemaps, as described by Google.

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