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9 Best Practices to Market Your Video

A Cisco report projected that this year, video will account for 69% of web traffic. Perhaps more importantly, brands seem to have missed the memo – at least on Facebook, where videos are posted less frequently than all other content forms.

The bottom line: With this form of content marketing becoming central, it’s important to understand the most effective way to approach video so that yours can float to the top.

Here are 8 best practices from Kimbe MacMaster of Vidyard and the Digital Marketing Institute.

Best Practice #1 – Set objectives.

As your first step, decide exactly what you want to achieve with the video. You want to understand if you are going for brand awareness or immediate sales.

Best Practice #2 – Narrate, don’t pitch.

When you make a video, you want to treat it the same way you do written content: as a means to deliver value. Sometimes the notion of a story can seem distracting from the goal of converting people. However, you’re still driving toward the CTA, closing everything out with a trackable URL.

Best Practice #3 – Consider your funnel.

A video should carefully consider where the desired viewers are within the funnel. “Some types of videos specialize in gaining viewer interest and engagement, like explainer-style videos,” explained MacMaster, “while others help to educate viewers who are further through the funnel, like webinars or product demos.” Think about the video in the context of the buyer journey.

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