9 Reasons to Stop Your Video-Hosting Nightmare Before It Starts

One of the first questions people have when they make videos is whether they should host the video themselves or embed it after uploading it to a third-party site (YouTube, Wistia, etc.).

Here are 9 reasons you might not want to serve your marketing video yourself, from Shawn Hesketh of WordPress 101:

  1. Bandwidth – Video files are massive compared to text and even images. If the server gets many requests for the file, it could strain your site.
  2. Storage space – You may not be able to upload the file anyway, based on upload limitations from your hosting provider.
  3. Freezing – When your server is having trouble, people are likely to experience a frozen video or slow loading. (Pro Tip: Slow loading is not just negative for user experience, but also for search prominence.)
  4. Format issues – While Chrome plays all the video formats, Firefox specifically plays WebM or Ogg, and Safari and Internet Explorer play MP4.
  5. Different sizes – You will want two different formats of quality, one HD and the other a lower-resolution one for mobile and slower connections.
  6. Video player complexities – A video player can determine what device is requesting the video so that the proper version is delivered. However, you will need code so that the player knows the formats.
  7. Browser quality – You need an app to convert your file into different formats. These apps will often mean that the quality of your video is better on some browsers than it is on others.
  8. Decreased visibility – You miss out on the exposure of popular platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube.
  9. Piracy – “Because the video paths are easily exposed in the source code,” said Hesketh, “anyone can simply copy the URLs, then download the videos to their own computer and redistribute at will.”


Despite Hesketh’s perspective on self-hosting, some brands still may want to host on their own. Regardless what direction you want to take, we can help.

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