9 Simple Reasons Why Your Video Failed (Part 2 of 2)

<<< See Problems #1-4 [link]

Problem #5 – You didn’t tweet it.

It’s critical that your marketing campaign is integrated across many different platforms. Each social media profile gives you access to a different audience.

Make sure there are social sharing buttons on your video’s landing page within your own site. Suggest sharing as a call-to-action within Vimeo and YouTube.

Pro Tip: Upload directly to each network rather than linking to an outside network or your own self-hosted video (see #6).

Problem #6 – You aren’t an Internet destination.

Self-hosting the video on your site? It will be difficult to get traffic if you expect everyone to come to you.

You can go to where people are – YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook – and draw users toward you with a website annotation.

Problem #7 – They aren’t sharing it.

You really want to think about how you can inspire others to want to share the video you produce. Also, make it as simple as possible for them to embed it, or to share it on any social platform they want.

Problem #8 – You don’t have subscribers.

Most videos aren’t viral, so probably most of the views you get will come from those who follow your brand – your subscribers. Get more.

“It’s hard work, and it takes dedication and resources,” said Marshall, “but build your subscribers and fans and you will start to attract the type of engagement you want.”

Problem #9 – Your video is obsolete.

The product or service you are featuring may be outdated or irrelevant. If so, you can refresh your video so that it is of better use to people watching it today.

Solution – Video to entertain and influence

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