Young businesswoman is upset because her video failed.

9 Simple Reasons Why Your Video Failed

Incredibly, 80% of consumer web use will be video hits by 2019, according to the Cisco  Visual Networking Index (June 2016). Since video is increasingly popular, it makes sense that marketers are focusing on it to build brands.

Many businesses become frustrated with video because it doesn’t create the volume of traffic they had hoped. Here are nine reasons why your video didn’t get views from Carla Marshall of Tubular Insights – pointing to how you can succeed moving forward:

Problem #1 – They don’t see it.

Keyword research is critical to driving traffic to your video marketing piece. Make sure your tags, title, and other text give you search prominence and capture target viewers.

Problem #2 – They don’t get it.

Let’s say you make it to the top of Google or Vimeo on a few key phrases. Even if that’s the case, people might not understand the thumbnail or description – so, no clicks. To boost CTR (click-through rate), consider a custom thumbnail and removing jargon.

Problem #3 – They couldn’t care less.

You need to be compelling. “We’re all very busy people, so give potential viewers a reason to take time out of their day to watch what you have to say,” said Marshall.

Problem #4 – They don’t want to be pitched.

Don’t be salesy. Consider this: one of the most popular video campaigns of the last few years was First Kiss. It generated 117.9 million views between 2014 and the end of 2016. There was no mention of the brand at all in the first 3 minutes!

Problems continue below.

Solution – video for branding and profit

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