Brand Telling, in Video Ads:, Is Longer Actually, Stronger?

Brand Telling in Video Ads: Is Longer Actually Stronger?

What is the perfect length for a video ad to capture the attention of consumers and convert them over to your brand?

Is it best to get your message out early and tell your story quickly? Or should you build a longer story to tell to potential customers?

Here are 3 tips on how to tell your brand in a video ad at the perfect length.

  1. The longer the stronger! Yes longer length of video ads can be effective for brand telling if done right.  Google partnered with snack company Mondelez International to investigate which length of video ads were the most successful. They found that the longer cuts were watched more than the shorter ones with 15-second ads prone to be skipped the most by consumers, and the 30- second ads skipped the least.  The longer cuts also had a more powerful hook at the beginning of the video, which grabbed the viewers attention and made them more likely to listen to the rest of the video’s message.
  1. Connect length to goals. Make sure what you’re measuring is connected to your business goal. This means making sure the consumer knows the overall purpose you are trying to achieve with your product during the length of the video ad.
  1. Tell your brand at the beginning. When telling a longer story, don’t leave your brand for the very end of the video. Even with the most persuasive ad, you will lose the attention of your audience if you save your brand for last.

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