360 virtual tours boost your presence on Google Maps.

How Can You Benefit from a Google 360 Tour?

With a 360 virtual tour from a Business Photos Trusted Photographer, you can open your door to prospective patrons. These tours double interest in your business and improve visibility in three other primary ways.

  • More interest: a look at the numbers
  • Better visibility: three other key benefits
  • Your Google 360 Business Photos partner

Selecting the best restaurant, hotel, or other type of business can be challenging. With a virtual tour integrated into your Google My Business listing, you can effectively let people inside your door immediately when they find you online. By providing this level of transparency, you instill more confidence in potential customers upfront.

More interest: a look at the numbers

An online survey of 1201 people was conducted by the research firm Oxera in 2015. It revealed the following:

  • Nearly half of people (44%) utilize mapping applications when looking for businesses.
  • Two in five users (41%) who look up business locations via an online map end up physically visiting their chosen company.
  • When consumers are asked to rate their level of interest, listings that feature pictures and a Google 360 Virtual Tour score twice as high.

Better visibility: three other key benefits

There are three other main ways that you can benefit:

  1. Your Google rank will improve, substantially boosting your ROI beyond the level of the listing itself.
  2. The Business Photos Trusted Photographer can help optimize your map location, so that people don’t get lost trying to find you.
  3. You’ll have better “white space” results, with people seeing photos rather than an ugly map.

Your Google 360 Business Photos partner

Do you think a virtual tour could benefit your business? At Golden Arm Media, Google 360 Virtual Tours are just one way we amplify your online marketing and sales through compelling visual content. View our portfolio.

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