Explainer videos, help build clients, describe a company's function, short and concise manner

How explainer videos helps build your client base

Most clients are not interested in reading paragraphs worth of information about the services a company can provide for them.  Identifying your company’s function and purpose is one of the most essential components when reaching out to  potential clients.  Explainer videos are one of the best ways for businesses to showcase what services they have to offer to future clientele. The videos are presented in a very efficient and entertaining manner while adding creativity and aesthetic value to their website as well.  

The videos should range no longer than 30-90 seconds in length.  Most viewers will lose interest in the product or service if the video exceeds over a 2 minutes.

Husband and wife team Lee and Sachi LeFever started the company “Common Craft” as a way to explain technology through short animated videos.  Common Craft is seen by many as responsible for pioneering and growing explainer videos in today’s digital age.  

One of their most popular videos include “Twitter in plain English,” which gave viewers insight on how to use Twitter as a tool during the time of its birth.  Since Common Craft’s first post in 2007, their videos have reached over 50 million views and have been licensed to over 50 countries around the world.

No matter what service your company provides, explainer videos are a great way to boost the notoriety and web traction for your business!


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