How to Craft Video That Will Help You Tell a Story

Video is increasingly important to business.

Marketers agree that storytelling through content is a great way to engage your audience. Video is a particularly effective way to deliver your narrative.

Just look at a prominent rundown of the top five marketing trends for startups in 2017. At the very top of the list, created by AJ Agrawal for Forbes, is video marketing.

That’s backed up by the stats: nearly three-quarters of business leaders, 70%, say video is the most powerful type of content for conversion (Demand Metric).

How can you maximize storytelling impact?

How do you take advantage of this medium? Here are a few tips for the best video storytelling results:

  1. Avoid being salesy. Focus yourself on engagement rather than directly trying to sell, notes Jennifer Connelly of Entrepreneur. You don’t want your story to have the tone of an infomercial.
  2. Keep drafting the language. You want to communicate effectively, and that means you get across what you want to say without using too much industry lingo.
  3. Use professional-grade equipment. “[Y]ou may want to make the investment in some decent equipment or an outsourced content production firm,” advises AlleyWire CEO Neil St. Clair. “[I]f you put together a video that looks like it was shot inside the trunk of your car, you simply won’t get… high-quality customer traffic.”
  4. Know who you are. It’s much easier to ground a video coherently if you know exactly what your identity is. Think about how you can establish brand consistency through your video, with a suitable tone and visuals.


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