How to Create Powerful Testimonial Videos


A good testimony can be life-changing and can inspire people to do a variety of things. Using a testimonial video for your brand can increase engagement and promote a relationship with your audience. Here are a couple of tips to create the best possible testimonials that will resonate with your audience.

1.Choose the right testimonial subjects.

Every powerful testimonial video begins with selecting a great subject with a moving story and it is important to think about these three elements of their story: What problems do they have? What solutions did you provide? And what results did you help them achieve? The greater the initial pain point and the bigger the results, the stronger their story will be.

2. Prep your subject for the shoot

You have to get your subject in the right headspace for their interview. We generally advise not to send the questions in advance since people will often sound too scripted or rehearsed if they have too much time to prepare. While it depends on the person or topic matter, we suggest sending a simple email with the main points you’d like the subjects to cover during the interview.

Doing this work in advance can help create awesome testimonials for you and your business that will deeply resonate with your audience and allow a relationship with your brand to blossom.



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