How to figure out best timing for your video

How to Figure Out the Right Length for Your Business Video

When you ask different marketing experts how long your video should be, you will get different answers. The two general ones are, “It depends,” and, “The shorter the better.”

How long on video? It depends.

Mary Pedersen notes that there is no one right amount of time for your marketing video. Instead of starting with a specific timeframe for your content, she suggests approaching the project in terms of your goals. To zero in on your vision, here are helpful questions to ask yourself:

  1. What kind of content is it? A video that is intended as light entertainment is typically shorter, while a documentary piece is usually longer.
  2. Where does the viewing occur? Vimeo and YouTube work for longer videos, while ones on Facebook are often best if they’re 30-45 seconds, and Vine is a strong platform for micro-videos of 15 seconds or less.
  3. What does the viewer expect? A snappier, shorter title often suggests a quick, to-the-point video. Your preview image will also be important. An image of a person suggests a simple and generally short video, while text translates to length.

How long? The shorter, the better.

Similarly to Pedersen, Yoav Hornung advises in The Next Web that figuring out the best time depends on the type of video. Here are his general lengths for different genres:

  • Explainers – 45-90 seconds
  • Creative commercials – 15-59 seconds
  • Crowdfunding videos – 2-3 minutes
  • Testimonials – 1-2 minutes.

Even within these parameters, though, he stresses, “Whenever you decide to make a video, keep in mind to make it as short as possible.”

Telling your story through video

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