How to Get the Most from Your Video

In order to get real results from video marketing, there is some planning that you should do in advance. Here are three tips for getting the best results from your video.


1.Know the objective.

It’s hard to manage what you can’t measure, so before you invest in video, you need to know what that end result is. If it’s a conversion style video, what is the call to action?  If it’s a more educational or engagement piece meant to give value, you still want to be able to measure engagement, click throughs or likes, in order to give you a tangible number to measure whether the videos been a success or a failure.

2. Know who your target audience is.

Everything that you create as part of your business should align with your brand story and the target market is going to influence the tone, the style, the pacing. You would most likely communicate to Baby Boomers differently than you would a 15-year-old girl. So be sure to keep that in mind and weave that into the video.

3. Know your placement.

For example, a piece that’s meant to attract a new audience is going to be very different than a piece on one of your sales pages or a customer service video that’s set after someone places an order.
That’s three very important things to consider before you produce a video. Your objective, your target market, and your placement for more help with video, check out our other blog posts.



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