How to Make Sure People See Your YouTube Video

When you upload a video to YouTube, the whole idea is to have a lot of people see it – but getting attention can be challenging. What steps can you take to improve your reach? Here are 12 ideas:

  1. Use a broad set of keywords in your tags.
  2. Don’t just create one video but produce and upload them consistently, just like any other content.
  3. Your video file should both be accurate and should contain your keywords.
  4. Create a transcript of your marketing video, and copy/paste it in as the description.
  5. Reply to a video that is already trending, suggested Kissmetrics founder Neil Patel.
  6. To generally build your audience, tell the audience to click the Subscribe button right above your video.
  7. Include annotations. James Wedmore of Social Media Examiner recommended writing CTAs into speech-bubble annotations, aligned directly below the Subscribe button. He noted you can also “add an image, graphic or ‘button’ to the video and overlay it with a ‘Spotlight’ annotation that links directly to your channel subscribe page.”
  8. As soon as you post the video, share it to all your social platforms and e-mail list, and embed it on your site.


One way to give your video a boost is to ensure that it tells a compelling story. At Golden Arm Media, our video content entertains and influences your audience by connecting their minds and emotions with your product or service.

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