How to Make Videos That Will Help You Engage Customers

Hey, you! Paying attention? Hmmm, maybe I should be saying this in video…

If we think of our brains as computers, it’s clear that they thrive on visual data. How are visuals the perfect input for our minds? You may know how critical it is for search engine optimization to focus on speed (fast/quick) and lack of complication (easy/simplified). Consider this: the brain can process images in 13 milliseconds – about 27 times faster than the 300-400 milliseconds you need to blink your eye.

In other words, just making a video is a good start. How, though, can you make the most of the audio-visual medium to create engagement?

  1. Tell a story – It’s not a mistake that we call our video consultants Narrative Strategists. Videographer Steven Gardner agreed that character and plot can be powerful in captivating your audience. “Don’t just tell your story,” he said, but “show it.”
  2. Leverage lightning-fast peer-review – Best-selling marketing author Kevin Daum is adamant about the value of Channel Pages for YouTube networking. In , he recommended using the platform to find important influencers of your target, so you can trade them a product for a video review about it.
  3. Check channels to inform your strategy – Once you identify channels that your target demo is watching, said Daum, try collaborations with them for more potent results.
  4. Get social from square one – Prime your audience prior to release, according to Taylor Knight of Target Marketing Magazine. “Send a tweet letting people know when [to] look for the finished video and give them an idea of what it will contain,” she said. “During the production process, put a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram.”


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