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How to Make Your Video Look as if a Professional Created It

As technology has progressed, video has become a more accessible medium for both creators and viewers. In fact, according to the nonprofit Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), 50% of US-based users now consume video on mobile devices.

The same level of access applies to production. However, access should not be at the expense of professional quality when creating content for your business. Here are a few must-know tips that will take your video marketing to the next level.

1. Experiment With Perspective

Set your videos apart from the beginners by playing around with the perspective from which you shoot. Filming from different and unexpected angles will create more interesting scenes. Framing an otherwise simple shot in a creative way will give your videos a more professional appearance.

2. Consider The Lighting

Regardless of whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, the lighting in your video should never be left to chance – as indicated by Glenn Halbrooks of The Balance. When shooting outdoors, position your subject so the light cast from the sun works with them, not against them. Just as within outdoor filming, the lighting when indoors is important as well. Be careful not to light a scene too bright or too dark, as either extreme will detract from making your video look professional.

3. Monitor Your Sound

Part of shooting professional-level video is being sure the sound quality matches up with your video. A great scene can be ruined if the sound wasn’t recorded or if background noise muffles parts of a speech. Be sure to train your ear to notice when other sounds are distracting from what you’re trying to capture.

4. Choose The Right Equipment

Purchasing the most expensive gear doesn’t necessarily guarantee a professional-looking video, noted Halbrooks. It’s more important to choose the right equipment for your desired outcome. If your main problem is getting a steady shot, you’re better off investing in a tripod than a new camera.


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