How We Bring Animated Video to Life

You might wonder about, as many people do, the steps to launching an animated video, from getting an idea on paper to a fully animated creation. At Golden Arm Media we begin with a creative development meeting where we learn more about your vision,style, messaging, objectives, target marketing and tone.

We send  our client on-boarding questionnaire ahead of time, so we can all come to the meeting ready to dive in and start planning the video. Once we have the general concept, we write the first draft of the script.

The first draft is usually a bit rough, and after a series of revisions, we refine the script until the story information and pacing are all on point.

 Next, we create concept art to illustrate potential styles and aesthetics for your video, including backgrounds, environments, art styles,and characters that help you visualize the look and feel of the video before we put it in motion. If you already have an idea or a reference for how you want your video to look, definitely send those along.

To cap off our pre-production phase, we create the storyboards. These are hand drawn frames that represent the main actions and story points. Following the storyboard, we create the animatic, basically a moving storyboard that helps you visualize the animation in time with the script.

Once we deliver our first animated cut, minor tweaks and movement changes are built into the review process, but major overhauls to the visuals or script changes will increase the budget.

After the script and art has been approved we can start bringing it all to life. We begin by recording the voiceover to set the tone and pacing, and we create the assets and characters that will be in the final video. Then our animators spend time rigging, or laying a structure over the characters, to make them move fluidly. Following rigging, we spend time combining all the assets we’ve created for your video and we set it in motion.

Finally, we’re ready for post production, where we do a final sound mix and lay in a driving music track to add extra polish. We then deliver the final video to you in 1080p HD, or whatever other format you’d like it in, and you can share your video with the world. If you need any assistance with maximizing the impact of your completed video, we can help you with distribution as well.

For more information on maximizing the impact of your video, check out the other posts on our blog.

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