Jump-start Your Business Blog with FAQ Videos

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If you’re running marketing for a small business, producing videos for your company blog and social media can seem like a daunting task.

What will your customers find interesting or entertaining? What will return a solid ROI and not waste the valuable time of your team members?

A great place to start your video marketing journey are FAQ videos – providing valuable, timely answers to your customers’ frequently asked questions. They will increase your SEO, and once you get started, they’re fun to produce!

Creating FAQ videos For Your Business  

Imagine you own a flower shop. Every day people are searching for questions such as:

  • What are the best flowers for mother’s day?
  • How long does a bouquet of [insert flower here] last?
  • How do I stop my cat from destroying my flowers when I bring them home?

What questions are potential customers asking?

What if you could be the source people come to to learn more about flowers?

Remember that Google at its core is an answer engine. People have questions, and Google directs them to content it deems most valuable. By answering these questions, you become the authority and drive additional traffic to your website.

A static FAQ page on your site is a great place to start. However, this page has so much information about various topics that Google won’t rank you for any one question or keyword.

FAQ videos posted on your business blog, accompanied by a short (150-200 word) written post, is a more effective strategy. Each post is highly targeted to answer a specific question. The combo of video + short written post is crucial, since while video can skyrocket engagement, Google can’t “read” the contents of a video…yet.

You can gather FAQ questions from your existing database, past experience, fielding questions on social media, looking at competitor videos, and/or using Google Trends to discover how people are searching.

Because we’re so involved in our own businesses, we forget that the average customer knows almost nothing about our industry, product or service. Therefore, even the most basic information you share will be considered valuable. It’s the act of sharing that’s the most important.

You can have these videos professionally produced, or simply use your smartphone and record them at your business location. Either way, remember to inject some of your own style and personality! Also, keep the videos as short as possible while still effectively answering the questions.

After posting the video on Youtube and your blog, share it on social media. For Facebook, upload the video natively so it will autoplay. If you’re fielding questions from social media, tag the person who asked the question – they’ll feel great and be more likely to reshare your content.

With your catalogue of value-driven FAQ videos, Google will prioritize your content more highly, and people searching for answers will be driven to your site instead of a competitor’s. These marketing videos will also increase time spent on your website, an important metric for Google and one of the primary benefits of video on SEO.

If you’re interested in learning more about producing your own video content, check out our recent article about our “video coaching” collaboration with the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities.


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