How to Create Video that Helps You Jumpstart Your Brand

Video is everywhere now, from Facebook to Instagram, from small local business websites to multi-billion-dollar mega-brands. In fact, eMarketer projects that spending on digital ads by US companies will grow at 10% or more each year through 2020. With so much competitor content flooding the Internet each day, how can you create compelling video that captures customers and serves your vision?

Here are a few strategies you can leverage:

1. Palette

Color is an incredibly important aspect of branding. One landmark study on the topic occurred in 2006, when scholars realized that as many as 9 out of 10 first impressions about products were based in some manner on color.

On the grand scale of household-name companies, marketing hues and shades can effect cultural change.  “More than a Century ago, Coca-Cola decided to change the green colors of the original Santa Claus into the red and white of their brand,” noted Juan José Méndez on “Now Christmas (Yes, the whole idea of Christmas!) is red and white thanks to Coca-Cola.”

Infuse your current color palette into the medium of video.

2. Connection

Make the audience feel like they are part of the video content you are creating.

Traditionally, marketers have hired actors that fall within their audience’s core demographics. Today, it’s increasingly popular to use animation and incorporate actors in the voiceovers.

3. Delivery

It can help to know the primary ways in which you will deliver a video to your audience as you determine factors such a length and tone.

One avenue that yields stunning results is e-mail. “[C]ompressed video without sound, animated gifs, and clickable screen shots of videos can increase click-through rates by two to three times,” explained a widely cited Forrester report.


Palette, connection, and delivery are just a few aspects to get you started in crafting your video.

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