Marketing Your Message, Beyond Sports ,during the Olympics.

Marketing Your Message Beyond Sports During The Olympics

It’s no secret that the summer Olympic games is one of the most viewed sporting events of all time.

The search interest on YouTube for the last summer games were higher than the World Cup and the past 6 Super Bowls.

So, how can your brand take full advantage of this Olympic fever?

Here are three ways to seize the opportunity of marketing your brand during the Olympics:

  1. Expand your content beyond just sports. The summer Olympics brings about excitement in so many ways other than just the aspect of sports. The culture around the games from countries all over the world can trigger people’s interest in music, food, and language. Capitalizing on factors like these gives your brand the chance to expand out and make connections that may not have been possible before.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to just sports lovers. According to a study powered by Google, more than 1 in 3 people who rarely watch sports content say they plan to watch the summer Olympics. This means that you have to reach viewers who’s main interest is something other than sports.  By targeting the sports audience alone, you’ll never reach your full potential.
  3. Speed isn’t the most important part of marketing execution. In a short 2-week event like the Olympics, it can be tempting to very quickly create real time marketing ads. However, it’s more effective to see what’s working well among your audiences. By gathering insights you’re able to see which message caters to a certain group of people best, which allows you to market your brand more successfully.

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