Optimizing Your Videos for Facebook

Facebook is quickly becoming a dominant player in the video space, just recently passed YouTube in terms of daily video views. You can simply just upload the video and get it out there and hope that it works but there’s a few simple steps you can take to increase engagement and views on your videos.

The first it to include a good title. When you upload your video it’s going to auto-select whatever the title was when you uploaded it. Make sure that you include an interesting title. Either a question that’s going to hook someone or something that really tells them what’s the main benefit they’re going to get from watching this video.

The second is to add a proper description. This isn’t done by default, you have to manually type it in. You want to include something about what the video is about, how it’s going to benefit someone and if it’s a more commercial or marketing piece, include information like a link to your website or more information about your product or service that’s discussed in the video.

The third is to include a good thumbnail image. Often Facebook will auto-select this image, and it’s not always the most flattering one. Once the video is uploaded, launch the video embed and then you’ll see options on the bottom corner. Click that and then select your thumbnail image. Include either a smiling human face or a nice shot of your product or service or something that clearly defines what you’re going to be seeing in that video.

There’s three simple steps and I hope that helped. Thanks for watching.

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