Produce Your Own Business Video Marketing Content That Gets Results

As an Austin video marketing company, we value the effectiveness of professionally produced video to help promote your business. We also know the importance of creating consistent content (weekly or more frequent) to help raise your website’s SEO and generate more leads.

If you have to pay premium prices for a video marketing company to keep shooting videos for your business, it costs you a lot of money that may be better invested in other marketing channels. It’s often just not a sustainable option.

That’s where our newly developed video consulting services come in. Through our video marketing strategy and training services, we aim to empower your business with the tools, training and resources to create your own quality videos that will generate more leads for less money.

We’ve broken our video consulting services down into a three-step process that will give businesses and non-profits confidence to create their own content. As an example, here’s the process we went through for The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD).

Step 1: Video Marketing Strategy

We met with CTD and discussed their current marketing strategy, target market, and the areas in which video would be the most effective. They felt that their members were not getting the best information about current disability rights legislation, so we crafted a strategy around FAQ-style and “legislative update” videos that help educate their members and inspire them to action.

We then established a template for the look and style of their videos, and a basic outline of where the videos should be shared to best reach their membership.

Step 2: Video Gear & Hands-On Coaching

Based on CTD’s video strategy, we curated a list of video gear within their budget that would help achieve their goals. Their budget was on the higher end, and we can still build an effective gear list with $1000 or less.

Then we did the most exciting part – helped train their staff, especially Laura, their social media manager. Our easy-to-understand production guide walked her through the basics of filming, lighting, and audio, while our video marketing coach helped her work with interview subjects and the finer points of producing quality video.

Check out their final project:


We worked with CTD on a number of shoots – at their office and at a rally at the Austin capital. After production we also trained Laura on how to edit using Premiere Pro, and packaged together all the graphics she’d need for future videos.

Step 3: Ongoing Support & Feedback

Over the past few months, we’ve continued to assist Laura and CTD through ongoing technical and creative support. We offer feedback on new video ideas, video scripts, and of course, how the videos themselves were produced. Chris, one of our team members, even helped Laura remotely with fixing a debilitating error on her iMac that prevented her from editing videos.

Take Your Business’s Online Presence to the Next Level

Content is king, and customers are increasingly choosing companies who they trust. Creating video marketing content is a tremendous way to help educate your customers and establish yourself as a (likable) authority in your industry.

With our video consulting services, you’ll learn three powerful skills to help amplify your online presence:

  • How to select the right video topics that will lead to the greatest ROI
  • Foundational knowledge for planning, filming and editing your marketing videos
  • Best practices for uploading, optimizing and sharing your videos to get the highest exposure

We invite you to learn more over on our Video Consulting page.

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