Three ways to Integrate Videos to Sale Process and Make Customer Happier

Online video is definitely a future trend. Digital marketing firm Syndacst estimates that 74% of web traffic will be video in the next couple of years. Therefore, many companies choose this rapidly growing medium to market their brand images, products, and services. They post all kinds of videos on their website or on social media as outbound marketing to approach customers. Yet, aside from a marketing perspective, do you know videos can also be used to shorten the sales cycle and create revenue? Every customer goes through a “sales funnel” to get from general interest in making a purchasing decision, and hopefully become a repeat customer. Alex Murphy, from Golden Arm Media, recently shared three methods that help sales people increase conversion throughout the entire sales cycle.

Leveraging Video to Supercharge Your Sales Process


Use video to answer common inquiries.

Small businesses often get phone calls from potential customers inquiring about a certain question. You can choose to answer it briefly in a few sentences, lead them to a web page contains the information they want to find out, or send out a powerful video which answer their question directly like in-person conversation. The explanatory videos help you to stand out among competitors and win the business opportunities. Posting these videos on your blog helps boost your authority in your industry, as well as SEO!

In-person meeting

Potential customers typically trust a third-party opinion over that of someone who is trying to sell them something. Therefore, you need someone who is objective enough to prove your statement. Filming several testimonial videos by interviewing past clients or stakeholders work as endorsements. Next time, when you go out to meet with new clients, the praise from happy customers can be a critical tool to close sales.

Customer Service

Post-purchase customer service is key to keeping happy clients. Many companies have  an FAQ page on their site. However, the text answers sometimes are confusing and hard to follow, so customers call in seeking further instruction. When the business grows bigger, you need to hire more CRM talent to handle the high volume request of technical support. Why not make it simple by filming short videos to answer inquiries? By using video, customers can follow the instructions more easily and troubleshoot without the wait. It’s a simple way to make customers satisfied while saving time and resources of the business!


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