Top 3, best You Tube videos, for your YouTube channel.

Top 3 videos for business YouTube channel

One of the best ways to increase your company’s brand and generate more consumer traction is by posting videos on a YouTube channel. Some people are turned away at first from creating YouTube videos because they don’t know how to get started when setting it up while others simply don’t have an idea of what kinds of content and topics they are going to discuss.

Here are  3 major types of videos that are easy to create and communicate to your subscribers on YouTube.

1. Educational Videos  These inform potential clients on specific issues in the field or industry that your product or service can provide which will boost your authority in your field. It also gives you the opportunity to answer frequently asked questions.

2. Journey Videos  These are very easy to make and consist of you talking in front of a camera to keep your viewers updated on what your company is working on and your overall mission. They also create a personal connection between you and the consumer.

3. Testimonial Videos  These videos show a former or current customer talking about the experience they’ve  had working with you or your company and how your particular work helped them. This is effective because your viewers will hear someone else brag on your work as opposed to you bragging on yourself.

Now that you have these great topics of content to discuss, you can post your videos to Facebook!

To learn more about using You Tube videos as a tool for your business contact Golden Arm Media.

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