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Top 6 Secret Platforms That Will Help Your Video Succeed

It’s a useful truism that getting lots of views for your video expands in direct relationship to the diversity of your delivery. By posting and interacting on more platforms, you will expose yourself to more new business.

YouTube is the most obvious video platform. What are the other “secret sites” that can help your marketing video get more hits for stronger conversion and ROI?

#1 – Vimeo

OK, Vimeo is not exactly a secret. Here’s the thing: it can be a more profitable platform than YouTube. “I’ve personally had far more interactions with viewers and converted clients on Vimeo than I’ve ever had on YouTube,” reported Dan Taylor of The Next Web (albeit in 2012).

#2 – Veoh

Veoh allows videos of any length. This unlimited-size aspect has generated the site significant attention from those more interested in long-form video and feature films.


People think of Flickr as a still-image site, but short videos can also be posted. In other words, Flickr is a sort of counter-balance to Veoh. The length limit is 3 minutes.

Platforms #4-6 continue below.


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